Set up your projects quickly and intuitively

Save time for what matters most: ensuring the quality of your products and services.

Start planning in just a few clicks

Planning a new project with multiple dependencies? Assigning tasks and responsibilities? Have everything in one easy-to-read net view!

Have all the risks under control

Fact is, every sub-project has a hidden time buffer. Allex sheds the light on these, allowing you to be aware of every risk ahead.

Smart algorithms let you focus on what matters

Have a net plan ready? Allex automatically converts it into a Gantt-chart. Sub-tasks delivery delayed? The smart planning algorithms automatically react on the delay notifications of your team and adapt the plan. This is how you meet the deadline no matter what.

Get status notification from your team any time

Changes or delays at any step of the project? You won’t miss it! Anyone on the team can easily give status updates. Allex takes it over and updates the plan automatically. This way you’re always aware of risks and changes, which allows you to make fact-based decisions.

Keep track of the progress of your entire project portfolio

Just one click and you get a condensed view of your entire project portfolio, including the status of every project and capacity requirements. This way you always know which current projects have capacity bottlenecks and which resources are available for upcoming projects.


"With Allex all my employees always have clarity on the order status."

Werner Schehler, Head of Procurement, Leiter PMO

Keep up to date with your team and their tasks

Let Allex’s algorithms help you prioritise tasks for every team in your portfolio. Make sure every project is staffed perfectly and misguided priorities will not interfere with meeting set goals.

Allocate capacities efficiently

Manage your personnel and operational resources accurately in real time. Keep updated on absences of any kind, even if your team members are involved in multiple projects.

Open REST APIRead and Write Access

Tailor Allex to your needs and integrate it perfectly into your daily work. Create individual integrations that are specifically optimized for your systems and field of activity.

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Exchange Data Seamlessly

Each area within the Allex software has an API, which is the basis for data exchange with your systems.

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Create Custom Integrations

Develop customized solutions to integrate project and resource management data into your processes.

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Digitize Your Business

Automate and accelerate your processes for even faster and more efficient work.

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